24 September, 2015: Food for Thought with political scientist Hans Vollaard

Dr. Hans Vollaard discussed how European integration is still moving forward, even in the policy area of healthcare. The meeting was chaired by dr. Maria Spirova.

Hans Vollaard: European integration is still moving forward: the case of cross-border patient mobility

A proposal to remove Greece from the Eurozone, the prospect of a British withdrawal from the European Union, calls to close the national borders again to stem the flows of migrants… the EU seems to be on the road to disintegration. However, European integration is still moving forward, even in the policy area of healthcare. Recent EU legislation aims at facilitating reimbursement of costs of healthcare received elsewhere in the EU. It should thus be easier for a Dutch patient to receive orthopedic treatment in Belgium, for instance. EU involvement in healthcare policy is perhaps surprising, given that many governments, parliaments, and citizens prefer decision-making on healthcare to occur exclusively at the national level. In his Food for Thought talk, the political scientist Hans Vollaard explains why the EU has nevertheless become involved in healthcare policy. His talk presents the findings of an international research project on the European regulation of cross-border patient mobility. And his talk might also help you to ensure that the costs of any treatments, medicines, or medical devices you receive abroad are covered by your health insurance institution…

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