29 September, 2016: Food for Thought on educational research

The Dean of the Graduate School cordially invites you to attend this year's 4th meeting. Eddie Denessen, Nikolaus Steinbeis, and Thijs Jan van Schie will discuss the impact of educational contexts on teaching and learning from the different research perspectives of sociology of education, educational psychology and neuroscience, and cultural anthropology.

Transdisciplinary contributions to understanding learning in educational context

The type of learning processes that are studied and the methods for studying teaching and learning are dependent on the perspective that is taken in educational research. As psychological research has a focus on individual learning processes, sociology and cultural anthropology focus more on group processes and socio-cultural contexts of teaching and learning. Differences in the focus of research questions and research methodologies may lead to transdisciplinary insights in complex issues related to teaching and learning. 


  • Eddie Denessen (Education and Child Studiies) will discuss the effects of teachers’ group stereotyping on the educational opportunities of children. In his research he uses implicit teacher-attitude measures as predictors of teaching behaviour and learning outcomes.
  • Nikolaus Steinbeis (Psychology) will talk about the burgeoning field of educational neuroscience and its role in informing educational practice. His research is about the developing brain and how specific periods of heightened neural plasticity can offer exciting opportunities for interventions supporting positive and productive development including learning.

  • Thijs Jan van Schie (Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology) will discuss emerging Waldorf Education in the Philippines. His research is about how Waldorf education – as a global phenomenon – manifests itself in the Philippine context.

Practical details


29 September, 2016




Room 1.A20


Monday 26 September at the latest so we can order lunch for  you. please send an e-mail to Reineke Mom

Aim Food for Thought meetings

During the Food For Thought meetings researchers present their current projects and general avenues of investigation. The aim is to promote fruitful interdisciplinary cooperation, especially between Institutes. With this in mind, this year’s theme is 'passing the baton: at each meeting speakers from various Institutes will address a single subject from varying perspectives.

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