30 June, 2016: Food for Thought meeting on career opportunities

The Dean of the Graduate School of Social and Behavioural Sciences wishes to invite you to this upcoming meeting. Inge van der Weijden and Christine Teelken (CWTS) will discuss career opportunities of academics. The meeting is chaired by Thed van Leeuwen.

Will academia continue to be regarded as an attractive or viable career?

Academic career paths are changing, and are far less stable than in the past. Early career academics often struggle to find secure employment and so are forced to take on fixed-term or part-time contracts. Long competitive selection periods and small initial chances of achieving a successful lifelong career characterize the current academic career system. As a result, academics are increasingly moving to new positions in and outside of academia.


  • Inge van der Weijden (CWTS) will discuss the career choices of recent PhD graduates. Also gender differences in type of job, occupation, career perception of recent PhD's will be discussed.

  • Christine Teelken (external member CWTS working group Career Policy & Paths of Scientists) will discuss how and why postdoctoral researchers are caught within a dual controversy due to a complex combination of career perspectives as well as their weak connection to their employing organisation.

Practical details

Date  Thursday 30 June, 2016
Time  12:00-13:00
Location  S.A41
Registration  Please email Reineke Mom (Friday 24 June, 2016 at the latest) so we can order you a lunch bag.

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