30 September, 2014: Food for Thought with Danielle Stockmann

Dr. Danielle Stockmann (Political Science) discussed Authoritarianism 2.0. The meeting was chaired by prof. Ingrid Biezen.

Authoritarianism 2.0: Social Media, Political Discussion and Authoritarian Rule in China

In authoritarian regimes social media have often been described as a 'liberation technology' that may potentially destabilize authoritarian rule. What it is about social media that mobilizes people to act, and what kinds of social media, such as Facebook or Twitter, are more influential than others? In this five-year project, funded by a Starting Grant from the European Research Council, Dr. Daniela Stockmann investigates these questions in the context of China. Relying on both qualitative and quantitative research methods, the project brings together a team of one postdoctoral fellow and two PhD candidates.

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