4 June, 2015: Food for Thought on the Leiden Manifesto

CWTS' presenters Paul Wouters, Ludo Waltman and Sarah de Rijcke discussed the background of the Leiden Manifesto and engaged in exploring how research evaluation may develop, especially in the social and behavioural sciences.

The Leiden Manifesto for research metrics

Illustration by David Parkins

Illustration by David Parkins

Research evaluation has become routine and often relies on metrics. But it is increasingly driven by data and not by expert judgement. As a result, the procedures that were designed to increase the quality of research are now threatening to damage the scientific system.

To support researchers and managers, 5 experts led by, professor in the School of Public Policy at Georgia Institute of Technology, Diana Hicks and Paul Wouters, director of CWTS at Leiden University, have proposed 10 principles for the measurement of research performance: the Leiden Manifesto for Research Metrics published as a comment in Nature. Since its publication, 6 translations have been published, all available through the Leiden Manifesto website.

Last Modified: 05-06-2015