20 November, 2013: Food for Thought meeting with Willem Heiser

The last Anniversary Food for Thought Meeting: 'Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences: Highlights and Development 1963-2013' was presented by prof. Willem Heiser on how Psychology in Leiden turned west.

Willem J. Heiser: 'A Chorus Line: How Psychology in Leiden turned West'

When Professor Chorus was appointed in 1947 as the first Chair of Psychology, Leiden was last among the major Dutch universities to enter into a booming field of study. In the sixties and early seventies, the Institute of Psychology took advantage of its youth by developing unprecedented methodological strength and making a 180 degree turn from practical psychology, inspired by continental philosophy, to the western frontier of the social and behavioural sciences.

As an example of how powerful ideas can become ingrained in the DNA of an institution, we take the social identity theory. It was elaborated 40 years ago in Leiden, next conquered the world, and returned 14 years ago to become a cornerstone of the current social psychology programme.  


Watch prof. Willem Heiser's previous talk on the social identity theory online.

Last Modified: 20-11-2013