'Food for Thought' meetings

During the Food For Thought meetings researchers present their current projects and general avenues of investigation.

Aim and theme

The aim is to promote fruitful interdisciplinary cooperation, especially between Institutes. With this in mind, the 2016 theme is “passing the baton”: at each meeting speakers from various Institutes will address a single subject from varying perspectives.

Passing the baton

18 February  12:00-13:00    CA-OS
12 May  12:00-13:00    Psychology
30 June  12:00-13:00  S.A41  CWTS
29 September  12:00-13:00  1.A20  Education and Child Studies
24 November  12:00-13:00  S.B45  Political Science

How to sign up

Please email Reineke Mom, one week at the latest before, if you are planning to attend.

Last Modified: 09-11-2016