Award winners 2012

Several members of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences' staff and students have been awarded grants, prizes, fellowships etc. to encourage their work, research and study performances.

Femke Avtalyon, Albertien Olthoff and David Heyne

The faculty's Master Thesis Prize was awrded to Femke Avtalyon (Political Science), the Support Staf Prize was awarded to Albertien Olthoff (Psychology) and David Heyne (Psychology) received the Casimir Prize.

Psychology Awards

David Heyne won the Psychology Teacher Award 2012. Anne-Jaan den Besten, won the Psychology Master Thesis Award, David Vogelsang wins the Psychology Research Master Thesis Award, and last but not least, Gert-Jan Lelieveld won the Best Article Award.

Adriana Bus and Marga de Jong

Prof. Adriana Bus and Dr. Marga de Jong, Section Learning Problems, were awarded a 200.000 euro grant  to 'onderzoeken hoe de negatieve cirkel van weinig lezen, afnemende leesvaardigheid en steeds minder animo om te lezen kan worden doorbroken'.

Eveline Crone

Prof Eveline Crone, Unit Developmental and Educational Psychology, was awarded an NWO 'Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen Onderzoekstalent'  grant. This grant will provide for a fulltime PhD candidate for three years.

Paul van den Broek

Prof. Paul van den Broek, Department of Educational Studies, was awarded an NWO grant for his 'Teksten waar je van kunt leren' project. Children learn a lot from texts, but sometimes that goes wrong. Why is that and how can you best design and use texts to optimise children’s learning? This project is being carried out in partnership with the CED Groep

Peter van den Bergh

Peter van den Bergh, Department of Clinical Child and Adolescent Studies, has been honoured with the Dutch order 'Ridder in de Orde van Oranje-Nassau' (knight in the Order of the Dutch Lion).

Dietsje Jolles

Dr. Dietsje Jolles, Unit of Developmental and Educational Psychology, was awarded a NWO Rubicon grant. This will enable her to do two years of research at the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences of Stanford University School of Medicine (USA).

Siniša Vuković, MA

Siniša Vuko, Institute of Political Science, was awarded an NWO Rubicon grant. This grant will enable him to perform research on the Johns Hopkins Univeristy's School for Advanced International Studies.

Last Modified: 13-03-2014