Award winners 2010

Several members of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences' staff and students have been awarded grants and prizes to encourage their work, research and study performances.

Wies Gijbels

Wies Gijbels, Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology, was awarded the Administrative and Supportive Staff Award.

Antoaneta Dimitrova

Antoaneta Dimitrova, Public Administration, was awarded the Casimir Award for best teacher of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. (...) "Summarizing, dr. Dimitrova is portayed as a international renowned lecturer and scientist of the Leiden Institute of Public Administration." (...) (Quotes from the juryreport)

Karin Dofferhoff

Karin Dofferhoff, who studied Education and Child Studiess, was awarded the faculty's Master Thesis Award, the Education and Child Studies Master Thesis Award and the NVO Master Thesis Award for her thesis 'Adoptieouderschap, een risico? Meta-analyse naar het functioneren van adoptieouders in vergelijking met biologische ouders.'

Lenneke Alink

Lenneke Alink, section Child and Family Studies, was awarded the Education and Child Studies Best Teacher Award. (...) "Dr. Lenneke Alink is a talented scientist committed to passing on her knowledge to her students. Her inspiring way of teaching results in active participation of her students." (...) (Quotes form the juryreport) 

Pascal Haazebroek

Pascal Haazebroek, PhD candidate section Cognitive psychology, was awarded the Psychology Best Teacher Award.

Anna Miers

Anna Miers, PhD candidate section Developmental and Educational psychology, won the PhD article Award for her article 'Peer Perceptions of Social Skills in Socially Anxiousand Nonanxious Adolescents.' 

(...)"This study is the first in which socially anxious children are judged by their peers instead of trained adults. It has a strong design, including a large group of respondents and peer observers, and control of potentially confounding variables. It provides an answer to the question: ‘Do socially anxious children have inadequate social skills?’, and it has clear implications for clinical practice. The article is lucid, well-written and shows great craftsmanship.(...) (Quote from the jury report)

Florien Cramwinckel

Florien Cramwinckel, who studied Psychology, was awarded the Research Master Thesis Award for her thesis 'Washing away your inner critic: how physical cleansing reduces the moral identity threat caused by moral.'

Linda van Hooidonk

Linda van Hooidonk, who studied Psychology, was awarded the Master Thesis Award for her thesis 'Trees before forest: scope of attention varies according to sexual orientation.' 

Elbrich Algra

Elbrich Algra, who studied Political Science, was awarded the 2010 MA Thesis Prize for her thesis 'Pursuing Material Interests, Domestic Influence, or ‘Saving Strangers’? Explaining the Selectivity in US Humanitarian Interventions'. (...)" In addition to her insightful theoretical arguments and careful analysis, the winner is commended for applying an original methodological approach to the research question. The use of fuzzy set analysis has furthermore implied the construction of a new and comprehensive dataset, as ready-made data on this subject are not available.

The dataset has great potential also for future research as it encompasses all 14 cases of humanitarian crises and includes details of the coding on all (dependent and independent) variables. The winner tackles an extremely interesting and politically relevant subject from a solid theoretical and methodological perspective. She critically and creatively engages with the academic literature, covering a broad spectrum of approaches in the field of international relations and establishes relationships between the various perspectives that have previously been underestimated or ignored. The way in which she deals with the theoretical discussion is impressive and demonstrates a notable degree of academic maturity."(Quotes from the juryreport)

Trui Steen

Trui Steen (Public Administration) was awarded a NWO Vidi grant for her proposal 'Double Bind. Public service professionals coping with contrasting demands’.

Paul van Aelst

Paul van Aelst (Political Science) was awarded a NWO Vidi grant for his project titled 'De machtsrelatie tussen politici en journalisten.'

Zdena op de Macks

Zdena op de Macks, PhD candidate Psychology, received a Fullbright grant. She will do research at the University of California - Berkeley.

Wouter van den Bos

Wouter Bos (Psychology) received the ISED award of the Institute for the Study of Education and Human Development (ISED). His research into the development of the brain and social development is published in 'Psychological Science'.

Ton van Raan

Ton van Raan, CWTS, has been honoured with the Dutch order 'Ridder in de Orde van de Nederlandse Leeuw' (Knight in the Order of the Dutch Lion). The Leiden mayor, drs. H.J.J. (Henri) Lenferink, mentioned in his speech the many excellent qualities of Ton van Raan, not only in science, but also in his warm involvement with the city of Leiden, which cumulated in the by Van Raan invented official Leiden city slogan: "Leiden, a city to discover".

Kees Verduin

Kees Verduin (Psychology, section M&T), was awarded the Blackboard Award 2010. The jury was impressed by:

  • How the visitor is welcomed to the site, receives an explanation of how to use it;

  • The FAQ page;

  • Empty buttons are made invisible.

Mattie Tops

Matti Tops, Education and Child Studies, has been awarded the 2010 Outstanding Paper of the Biennium Award for his article 'Rejection Sensitivity Relates to Hypocortisolism and Depressed Mood State in Young Women'.

Eveline Crone

Eveline Crone, Psychology, has been awarded a Starting Grant by the European Research Council (ERC). The research project investigates how brain development underlies advances in cognition and emotion in childhood and adolescence. The financial contribution of the ERC for this project is € 1.5 million, which will be used to hire one postdoc, two PhD students and an assistent for five years.

Lee Seymour

Lee Seymour, Political Science, was awarded a NWO VENI grant for his proposal 'Factionalism in Civil Wars'. Civil wars are bloody, protracted and messy. The research aims to explain why some rebel groups remain united while others break apart into feuding factions, and the consequences this has for how civil wars unfold.

Berna Güroğlu

Berna Güroğlu, Psychology, was awarded a NWO VENI grant for her proposal 'The social brain in adolescence: Examining peer interactions from a developmental social neuroscience perspective'.

Mark de Rooij

Mark de Rooij, Psychology, was awarded a MaGW Open competition subsidy for his research project 'Multivariate logistic regression using the ideal point classification model'. In this project new methodology is proposed, based on the ideal point classification model, which requires a minimal set of assumptions and takes the data as it is. Essential tools for the evaluation of effects and for the design of empirical studies will also be proposed.

Bernhard Hommel

Bernhard Hommel, Psychology, was awarded a 'Brain & Cognition: an integrated approach' subsidy for his research project 'Cognitive and motivational components of adaptive and maladaptive decision-making: an integrative approach'. The programme Brain and Cognition: an integrated approach is looking for innovative, risk-taking, out of the box and unusual crosslinks between disciplines.

Naomi Ellemers

Naomi Ellemers, Psychology, has been awarded a Spinoza Prize 2010. The prize is the highest award in Dutch science. Ellemers combines research into everyday practice with laboratory experiments. She has argued and demonstrated that individual commitment primarily depends on people’s ability to identify with the moral values of groups or organisations, instead of financial recompensations or the career perspectives these represent.

Suzanne Pieper

Suzanne Pieper, Education and Child Studies, was awarded the Thesis Award 2008 of the Research Institute for Psychology and Health for her thesis 'Prolonged Cardiac Activation, Stressful Events and worry in daily live', supervised by Jos Brosschot. This new award is given bienially to a young researcher with the best thesis in the field.

Marian Bakermans-Kranenburg

Marian Bakermans-Kranenburg, Education and Child Studies, was awarded a Vici grant for her research project 'Tailor-made child-raising support'. The Vici grant is aimed at highly experienced researchers who have successfully demonstrated the ability to develop their own innovative line of research and who can act as a coach for young researchers. Vici offers the researcher the opportunity to build up his or her own research group.

Herman van Gunsteren

Herman van Gunsteren, Political Science, was presented with the Thorbecke medal in recognition of his entire oeuvre.

Naomi Ellemers

The first KNAW 'Merian Award for women in science’ has been awarded to Naomi Ellemers, Psychology, for her excellent research programme and active efforts towards creating equal opportunities for women in science.

Rivke Jaffe

Rivke Jaffe, Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology, was awarded the Casimir Award for the best teacher of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. Rivke Jaffe knows how to challenge students from all levels to think critically, and at the same time manages to excite their enthusiasm for the study of Cultural Anthropology. The great sense of humour apparent in her teaching style makes her  a very popular teacher, as does her spontaneous and amusing way of stimulating her students to open their ears. Rivke Jaffe is often asked to give talks and lectures, and in principle accepts all invitations.

Carien Nelissen

Carien Nelissen was awarded the Administrative and Supportive Staff award (Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences). Carien Nelissen pulled off a major achievement in 2009: the realisation of the Education in Primary Schools Bachelor programme (in Dutch: Academische Pabo), together with the Hogeschool Leiden and the Thomas More College in Rotterdam. This new course programme has been put on the rails within a very short time -- less than a year. Carien Nelissen managed to organize everything perfectly, with much attention to detail and decorum.

Niki Vorselaars

Niki Vorselaars, who studied Political Science, was awarded the Master Thesis Award for her thesis: 'The Dutch Government and the Economic Crisis: Not Guilty but also not Innocent? The Atribution of Economic Responsibility and the Evaluation of Economic Policies in a Multiparty system’. The thesis is on an interesting subject with a high social relevance: it analyzes the effects of the current economic crisis on the fate of political parties. Thus, it adds a strong, individual and creative contribution to the existing literature on economic voting behaviour.

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