Award winners 2011

Several members of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences' staff and students have been awarded grants and prizes to encourage their work, research and study performances:

Jos Brosschot

Dr. Jos Brosschot (Psychology) was awarded a €675.00 NWO grant to fund his research into why stress can make people ill.

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Niki Antypa

Niki Antypa (Psychology) was awarded an NWO Rubicon Grant. This grant will enable her to do research into depression at the Universita di Bologna (Italy).

Szilvia Biro, Stephan Huijbregts, Serge Rombouts and Jan de Rooij

Dr. Szilvia Biro (Psychology), dr. Stephan Huijbregts (Education and Child Studies), prof. Serge Rombouts (LUMC/Psychology) and dr. Jan de Rooij (Psychology) were each awarded (as project leaders) a Starting Grant of € 50.0000,- by the 'Brain and Dysfunction over the Lifespan' research programme.

Paul van den Broek

Prof. Paul van den Broek (Education and Child Studies) was awarded the Best English Book/Article Prize for his article: 'Using texts in Science Education: Cognitive Processes and Knowledge' in Science, 328, 23 April, 2010, 453-456.

Rutger Claassen

Dr. Rutger Claassen (Political Science) was awarded an NWO Veni Grant.

Eveline Crone

Professor Eveline Crone (Psychology) was awarded

  • the LNVH-Jubilee Award, and

  • the Early Career Award 2011.

Toin Duijx

Drs. Toin Duijx (Education and Child Studies) was awarded the VvL-Medal.

Naomi Ellemers

Prof. Naomi Ellemers (Psychology) has become a KNAW member, section Literature.

Christine Espin

Prof Christine Espin was appointed Fellow of the International Academy for Research in Learning Disabilities (IARLD).

Christine Espin and Paul Van den Broek

Prof. Christine Espin and prof. Paul Van den Broek (both in Education and Child Studies), together with prof. Kristen McMaster (University of Minnesota) have received a $1.5 million grant from the US government's Institute of Education Sciences to investigate problems in reading comprehension for struggling readers. A bit over $300.000 of the total amount is allocated to the Leiden University researchers.

Stephan Huijbregts and Leo de Sonneville

Dr. Stephan Hijbregts (Education and Child Studies/LIBC) and dr. Leo Sonneville (Education and Child Studies/LIBC) in conjunction with dr. Francjan van Spronsen (UMC Groningen) were awarded € 150.000,- by NutsOhra and the 'Nederlandse Vereniging voor PKU'.

Bernard Hommel

Prof. Bernard Hommel (Psychology) was awarded an NWO Grant of € 200.000,-, which will be used to set up a 'Virtual Identity Lab'.

Bart van Horck

Bart van Horck MSc (Public Administration) was awarded the 'LSr Onderwijsprijs'.

Femmie Juffer

Prof. Femmie Juffer (Education and Child Studies) was awarded an NWO 'MeerWaarde' grant. Also, in conjunction with drs. Gera ter Meulen (Education and Child Studies), she received a LUF/den Dulk-Moermans Grant.

Lolle Nauta Fonds

The 'Lolle Nauta Fonds' was awarded the Community Service Prize 2007-10.

Sander Nieuwehuis

Dr. Sander Nieuwenhuis (Psychology) was awarded an ERC Starting Independent Researcher Grant.

Dorothée Out

Dr. Dorothée Out (Education and Child Studies) was awarded a NWO Rubicon Grant to do research at the Center for Interdisciplinary Salivary Bioscience Research (John Hopkins University, Baltimore).

Kees van Putten

Dr. Kees van Putten (Psychology) was awarded an NWO Grant of ca € 300.000,- .

Franscesco Ragazzi

Dr. Franscesco Ragazzi (Political Science) was awarded a NWO Veni Grant.

Serge Rombouts

Prof. Serge Rombouts (LUMC/Psychology) was awarded a grant by the 'Nationaal Inititatief Hersenen en Cognitie'.

Ekatarina Rashkova

Dr. Ekatarina Rashkova's PhD thesis was awarded the UniCredit and Universities Foundation's CEE Best PhD. Thesis Award.

Eline Siebelink and Emilie Röell

Eline Siebelink (MA student CA/OS) was awarded the Speckmann Prize for the Best Fieldwork Report. Emilie Röell MA was awarded the Speckmann Prize for the Best Master Thesis.

Dimiter Toshkov

Dr. Dimiter Toshkov (Public Administration) was awarded a NWO Veni Grant.

Rien Van IJzendoorn

Prof. Rien van IJzendoorn (Education and Child Studies) was awarded:

  • the Aristotle Prize 2011 by the European Federation of Psychologists' Associations (EFPA), and

  • the  Bowlby-Ainsworth Award 2011 by the Center for Mental Health Promotion and the The New York Consortium.

Paul Vedder and Mitch van Geel

Prof. Paul Vedder and dr. Mitch van Geel (both Education and Child Studies) were awarded an NWO ZonMW grant to conduct resaearch on the polarisation between Islamic and non-Islamic youth.

Rinus Verdonschot

Dr. Rinus Verdonschot (Psychology) was awarded a Canon Foundation Research Fellowship. The main focus of his research is on the production and interaction between pronunciations in reading aloud Japanese kanji.

Paul Wouters

Prof. Paul Wouters (CWTS)  and prof. Ale Smidts (Erasmus University) were awarded an NWO Grant to lead the NESSHI project.

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