Award winners 2007

Several members of the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences' staff and students have been awarded grants and prizes to encourage their work, research and study performances.

5 Vidi winners

Five psychology researchers have been awarded a Vidi subsidy by NWO (the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research). Four of these researchers are associated with the LIBC, the Leiden Institute for Brain and Cognition. The winners are:

Tanja Aalberts

Tanja Aalberts, Department of Political Science, was awarded two prizes for her PhD thesis “The Politics of Sovereignity” (2006).

Annual Prize Political Science 2007 In her thesis, she makes a connection with the international debate by unraveling the meaning of the concept sovereignity in various political and legal discourses. This makes her thesis especially relevant to the further development of political science as an academic discipline.

Jean Blondel PhD Prize 2007 She was awarded the prize at the conference of the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR). The jury considered this an outstanding dissertation. The author succeeds in demonstrating how interaction and intersubjectivity contribute to establish sovereignty as a norm in international relations that is neither exclusively agentic nor exclusively structural. The thesis addresses a much debated subject and succeeds in offering a genuine contribution to the literature based on thorough and careful reviews of the relevant literature in the field and a reconstruction and reassessment of the handling of ‘sovereignty’ in International Relations theory.

Marianna Ananyeva

Marianna Ananyeva, who studied at the department of Public Administration, was awarded the master thesis award for her thesis 'Endowment of oil resources as one of the obstables to democracy: A cross-national study'. In her thesis she discusses to what extent the presence of rich oil reserves impede the democratic process in the country.

Ina van Berckelaer-Onnes

Ina van Berckelaer-Onnes, departing Professor in clinical child and adolescent studies, especially the aid for children and adolescents with developmental disorders, has been created an Officer in the Order of Orange-Nassau. The presentation was conducted by the deputy mayor Arie van der Lee of Wassenaar and took place after her valedictory lecture on Friday 29 June in the Pieterskerk. Van Berckelaer-Onnes labours for a number of foundations and committees, some of which are directly related to her work on autism.

Arjen Boin

Arjen Boin (Department of Public Administration) has been selected as the co-winner of the Herbert Simon Book Award 2007 of the American Political Science Association for his book 'The Politics of Crisis Management'. The award will be made in Chicago at the business meeting of the Section on Public Administration at the annual meeting of the American Political Science Association on Friday, August 31, 2007.

Ellahe Chabani

Ellahe Chabani, psychologist, has been awarded a Mozaiek Subsidy by NWO (the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research) for her project 'Computational Dynamic Test and Intervention'. In contrast to static intelligence tests, dynamic tests focus on children’s learning potential. A computerized dynamic test enables to quantitatively measure over a longer period of time the child's cognitive potential and strategies used in solving complex visual-spatial tasks.

Eveline Crone

Eveline Crone, psychologist, was admitted as a new member to The Young Academy (KNAW), a group of young researchers of outstanding scientific ability within the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). Her research centers around questions related to the development of cognitive control and decision-making in school-aged children and adolescents.

Eveline Crone was awarded the J.C. Ruigrok Prize 2007 by the Koninklijke Hollandsche Maatschappij der Wetenschappen (Royal Dutch Society of the Sciences). She received this prize for her research on decision making in 8 to 17 year olds. Crone establishes scientifically that the behaviour of these children results from their brain development. Unlike adults, children opt for short-term profit despite their prior knowledge of loss in the long run. Children are very sensitive to the emotional incentive of immediate reward.  

Belle Derks

Belle Derks, social psychologist, was awarded the Social Issues Dissertation Award 2007 for her thesis 'Social Identity Threat and Performance Motivation: The Interplay Between Ingroup and Outgroup Domains'. Her thesis was selected because of the way in which she combined academic excellence with practical applicability.

Toin Duijx

Toin Duijx (Department of Education and Child Studies) was awarded the Departmental Award for Community Services. His tireless and enthusiastic dedication to children's literature are greatly appreciated. Since 2002 he has been a member of the Dutch advisory committee Digital Library, with children's literature as his specialty. In addition, he is the secretary of the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY), an international non-profit organisation committed to bringing books and children together. Also, over the past 10 years he has been a member of several national and international juries for for children's literature awards, amongst which were the Dutch 'Griffel Jury' and the Hans Christian Andersen Jury.

Nicole Jaffari-Bimmel

Nicole Jaffari-Bimmel, Department of Education and Child Studies, was awarded the ISED international article price for her article 'Social development from infancy to adolescence: Longitudinal and concurrent factors in an adoption sample', published in the journal Developmental Psychology in 2006. 

Steef Meyknecht

Steef Meyknecht, Department of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology, was awarded the Royal Anthropological Institute Film Prize 2007 Commendation for his documentary A Hospice in Amsterdam. The Award was made on June 30 2007 by the Royal Anthropological Institute of the University of Manchester during the 10th RAI International Festival of Ethnographic Film.

Neeltje Plug

Neeltje Plug was awarded the Staff award for the best performing supportive staff member within the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences.

Peter Putman

Peter Putman, Department of Psychology, has received a Veni grant from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). His research focuses on anxious people who, he says, focus too much on issues that might be threatening. This in turn reinforces stress, and so a vicious circle is born. In his project he studies the role played by psychological, psycho-physiological and hormonal factors in breaking this pattern.  

Mark Rutgers

Mark Rutgers, department of Public Administration, was awarded the Casimir award for the best teacher in the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, because of his talent to explain complex topics like philosophy and research methods in a comprehensible way. He teaches students at all levels with great enthousiasm.  

Mohamed Salih

The University of Copenhagen offers Mohamed Salih, Department of Political Science, an honorary doctorate in theology for his approach to African politics. According to the nomination committee professor Salih’s “approach to African politics is characterised by a constant reflection on theories of development and by an innovative synthesis of political science and anthropology."

Daniela Stockmann

Daniela Stockmann, Department of Political Science, was awarded the best graduate student paper in Political Communication award of the American Political Science Association (APSA). The award committee of APSA unanimously chose her paper "The New Chinese Media and Public Opinion: Adaptation of a Propaganda Machine or Instrument for Political Change?" presented at the 2006 APSA meeting to win the award. The award will be handed out during the 2007 APSA conference.

Mattie Tops

Mattie Tops, Department of Education and Child Studies, has received a Veni grant from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). His research focuses on the circumstances in which the emotion shame causes a strong secretion of the stress hormone cortisol, and how the brain manages this process. High levels of cortisol have negative consequences for mental and physical health.

Henk Tromp

Henk Tromp, Department of Political Science, was awarded a NWO grant for a full English translation of his PhD thesis 'De strijd om de echte Vincent van Gogh. De kunstexpert als brenger van een onwelkome boodschap. 1900-1970.' ['The struggle for the genuine Vincent van Gogh. The art expert as bringer of unwelcome news. 1900-1970.']

Willem van der Does

Psychologist Willem van der Does has received a Vici grant from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). His research focuses on depression. With this Vici grant Van der Does intends to study which biological or psychological characteristics can predict vulnerability for depression and whether a new depression can be prevented.

Herman van Gunsteren

Herman van Gunsteren, emeritus Professor of Philosophy of Politics and Law, was awarded the second Laurens Pieter van de Spiegel award by the Dutch Association for Public Administration (Vereniging voor Bestuurskunde). The jury characterised him as an original thinker, and his style as rather provocative. Van Gunsteren wrote about citizenship, the gap between citizens and government and the meaning of democracy long before these became popular topics.

Lukas van der Heijde

Cultural Antropologist Lukas van der Heijde was awarded the Speckmann award for his excellent supervised fieldwork, resulting in the thesis 'The trainstation as a mirror of the Indonesian society. A situational analysis on Tugu station and Lempuyangan station in Yogyakarta.'

Hendriekje van der Meer

Hendriekje van der Meer (Department of Public Administration) was awarded the H.A. Brasz Thesis Award of the 'Vereniging voor Bestuurskunde'. Above all, the jury appreciated the use of the original, innovative research method of qualitative comparative analysis. In addition, the thesis has a solid theoretical framework, and a research question that is both relevant to theory as well as society. The thesis discusses why the government learns lessons from only some disasters and accidents. An important conclusion is that lessons learned afterwards were already known beforehand. This leads to the recommendation that learning from disasters is useful, but too late. Disasters and accidents currently function as catalysts for the learning process, and then they depend on the media and the mobilisation of proponents and opponents to decide to the necessary measures.

Marinus van IJzendoorn

Marinus van IJzendoorn (Department of Education and Child Studies) and Abraham Sagi (University of Haifa) have been selected as joint recipients of the new Award for Distinguished International Contributions to Child Development of the Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD). This award recognizes their outstanding contributions to increasing our understanding of children's development across different international contexts as well their influential and long standing cross-national collaborative work. The inscription on the plaque is as follows: “For seminal work on the cross-cultural factors in infant-parent attachment relationships. For research on the effects of multiple caregivers, especially communal rearing in the kibbutz. For cross-national studies on child care. For work on the effects of the holocaust on child survivors and their offspring. For work on intergenerational transmission of attachment. For fostering a spirit of international collaboration.”

Marinus van IJzendoorn and Hans de Frankrijker

Marinus van IJzendoorn and Hans de Frankrijker (Department of Education and Child Studies) were awarded the Departmental Best Course Book Award for their book 'Pedagogiek in Beeld'. The book is accessible, easy to use, well-ordered and deals with a variety of subjects. Students appreciate the book for its versatility, which covers the specialities in the bachelor's and master's programmes. They also value the book for the accessible way in which they are introduced to methods and statistics, and the relevance these have for the appreciation and development of knowledge. Finally, the summaries and suplementary questions are extremely useful while studying the book.

Kavita Ziemann

Kavita Ziemann, Department of Political Science, has been awarded a Mozaiek Subsidy by NWO (the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research) for her project 'Democratic Legitimacy: The Impact of Institutional Reform'. There seems to be a consensus amongst academic scholars, national governments and international organisations that widespread democratic reforms are necessary for democracy to sustain its legitimacy. This research proposal seeks to investigate what effect reforms have on the legitimacy of the democratic political system.

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