Solving problems

When you are writing your thesis it is possible that at some point you encounter problems and get stuck. This is a normal phenomenon, and can happen to anyone. Writing a thesis is a challenging process requiring a lot of effort.

If you encounter any problems you may find it helpful to follow the next steps:

  1. Talk with the SAM. Sometimes it is enough to talk about your problems and brainstorm about possible solutions. The SAM can give you advice or knows who can help you;
  2. On our bookshelves you can find a manual that provide information on how to prevent or overcome problems associated with writing a thesis. This manual is in Dutch only;
  3. The student psychologists’ website offers suggestions in Dutch that may help you;
  4. You can make an appointment with one of the student psychologists. For international students there is an international counselling service, where you can talk with a student psychologist in English. The counselling service also provides courses for international students, on topics like time management.