Statistical questions?


The Master Thesis Lab offers statistics-advice by the following specialised consultants:

  • Dr. Elise Dusseldorp
  • Eline Meijer MSc
  • Dr. Frits Meijerink
  • Dr. Ralph Rippe


  • If you have a simple statistical question, ask the Master Thesis Lab assistent (SAM).
  • If you have a complicated statistical question, make an appointment (by email) with a statistics consultant (see schedule below).
  • NOTE: advice is not given by phone or via e-mail. 

Things the statistics consultants cannot do for you:

  • Decide which statistical technique is best for you and take responsibility in this respect. (The statistics consultants will give advice but it is up to you and your supervisor to make a decision.)
  • Teach you in detail how a statistical technique works. (The statistics consultants will point you to the appropriate literature and will answer questions about the technique.)
  • Do the statistical analyses for you and contribute to writing about the technique and its results in your thesis. (The statistics consultants will show how techniques work and how to get SPSS output for the techniques.)