Planning and procedures

Graduating from the University requires some planning and knowledge of graduation procedures.


Planning ahead is wise, and absolutely necessary. Many supervisors appreciate it when you discuss not only the content of your thesis with them but the planning as well, and unfailingly stick to your schedule.

Please check all of the following points:

  1. Have you passed all subjects and obtained enough ECTS?
  2. Have the 1st and 2nd readers both approved your thesis?
  3. On which date prior to the exam / graduation date are you required to hand in the final version of your thesis?
  4. How many copies of your thesis do you have to hand in? Where and when are you going to print these?
  5. What are the exam dates and/or graduation ceremonies of your institute? Not all the institutes offer exam dates and/or graduation ceremonies every month, and sometimes there is more than one exam date in a month, with several dates to hand in your thesis.

Graduating in the summer
Note that in the summer months, especially August, there are often several dates on which you can hand in your thesis. However, at the same time these are the months in which supervisors, just like you, are most likely to have planned their holidays. In case you intend to hand in your final thesis in the summer (July or August), you are advised to discuss this with your supervisor well in advance.

Ending your registration
When you have graduated, make sure you notify the University registration office if you want to end your registration as a student at Leiden University, especially when you do not graduate in July or August. You may be eligible for a partial refund of your college tuition.


The various institutes at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences have different rules as to the procedures to be followed for graduation. It is important that you contact the secretariat of your institute as soon as you start writing your thesis, and obtain accurate information about dates, procedures etc. You can also check the website of your institute and the links on this page for information about the procedures of your institute.    

In short
You are advised to:   

  • Discuss your planning with your supervisor (and through the supervisor with the 2nd reader);
  • Check the website of your institute for procedures and requirements;
  • Contact the secretariat of your institute.

Graduation procedures of the institutes

Visit the graduation procedures of the institutes website.