Application procedures

The application procedures for those applying for a funded PhD position or a PhD position based on self-obtained research grants.

Application for funded PhD positions

Vacancies for funded PhD positions can be found on the PhD vacancy website. Send your application letter with curriculum vitae to the correct address before the deadline. When applying for the position always mention the vacancy number.

All PhD candidates must register with the Graduate School (registration form).

Admission procedure for PhD candidates without a funded position

  1. The PhD candidate discusses the field of the intended PhD research with the professor most suited to the area of the research and explores the possibility of the professor’s acting as supervisor (overview social and behavioural supervisors). You secure sufficient funds to carry out the research and to cover costs of living and coursework, for example by applying for grants/scholarships.
  2. The professor who has been approached to act as supervisor sends the PhD candidate as soon as possible a written confirmation of either his consent or his refusal to act as supervisor. A copy of this consent or refusal will be sent by the professor to the Admissions Office.
  3. Upon receipt of this confirmation, the PhD candidate requests the Scientific Director to appoint the professor concerned as supervisor. The request is submitted to the Admissions Office using the admission form, and should include certified copies of the certificates which demonstrate that the academic requirements have been met. This Admission form also registers the PhD candidate with the Graduate School, which is compulsory
    (Registration protocol). 
  4. Once it has been determined that the academic requirements have been met, the Scientific Director, on behalf of the Dean and the Doctorate Board, appoints as supervisor the professor who has declared himself willing to act as such. The Admissions Office notifies in writing the professor, the PhD candidate and the Doctorate Board of the appointment.
  5. At the request of the PhD candidate, and on behalf of the Dean and the Doctorate Board, the Scientific Director may appoint as supervisor a second or, in very exceptional cases, a third professor in addition to the supervisor, either from the faculty or outside. The division of tasks, as determined by the supervisors and following conferral with the PhD candidate, is set out in a document, copies of which are sent to the PhD candidate and to the Dean. This division of tasks does not affect the responsibility of each of the supervisors for the dissertation as a whole.
  6. The supervisor draws up a training and supervision plan in discussion with the PhD candidate within 6 weeks of his appointment and sends a copy to the Dean. 

More information

For more information and all relevant forms, please consult: