Research proposal

A good proposal should at least answer the following questions:

  • what problem are you trying to solve?
  • what is the urgency of the problem?
  • why is the way in which you want to solve the problem the best way, are there alternative ways to solve the problem?
  • have others already studied your problem?
  • what is your planning? 


  1. Title: acronym and full title, a very short summary
  2. Introduction: full summary, including research question, method, why innovative, and relevance.
  3. Research question: state of the art in literature, research question, identifies niche
  4. Research method: why this method (advantages and disadvantages), how will you carry out the research (planning)
  5. Innovation and creativity: what is new in your research proposal
  6. Relevance for science, technology and society
  7. References