Research programmes

The Faculty's research includes topics such as social stratification, human behaviour, politics and such.

Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology

Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology are concerned with human difference and its consequences in different societies. A basic feature of human interaction is the tendency to classify; people assess their own position and that of others in terms of:

  • status,
  • race,
  • class,
  • gender,
  • religion, or
  • level of development
and they form social relationships according to these classifications. In CA/DS we study the relations people form using these classifications and how they change in the course of time.

Research website Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology

Education and Child Studies

The Institute of Education and Child Studies has three research themes:

  1. Child and Family
  2. Child and Educational Settings
  3. Child Welfare Services

Research website Education and Child Studies

Political Science

The Institute of Political Science is ambitious in its aim to provide methodologically rigorous research that has a firm basis in state-of-the-art theorizing. Its research focuses primarily on the design, working and implications of political institutions at a national and international level.

PhD research website Political Science


The study of human cognition and behaviour lies at the heart of psychology as a scientific discipline. Research at Leiden University’s psychology institute focuses on the ways in which human cognition and behaviour are motivated. Researchers examine how these are influenced by personal and social goals, physical factors and action repertoires. What we think and do is influenced by what we want and feel. Research and teaching at the institute are aimed at developing this theoretical orientation as well as showing how it can be used to help us lead better lives.

Research website Psychology

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