Leiden University scores well in CWTS Ranking 2015

Leiden University is in 52nd place in the CWTS Leiden Ranking 2015, making it the highest-scoring Dutch University. Last year Leiden was in 53rd place. There are six Dutch universities and 37 European universities in the top 100.

Top 10 dominated by American universities

Leiden University is the 14th European university. The top 10 of the CWTS ranking is taken up by American universities, with the exception of 10th place which goes to Israel.

Impact of scientific work

The CWTS Leiden Ranking ranks universities on the basis of citation analysis that demonstrates the impact of their scientific work. This year the ranking compares the performance of the 750 best universities. The ranking is produced by the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) at Leiden University and is based on objective data about publications and citations. It takes into account the 10% most cited publications in each discipline.

Collaboration between universities

The CWTS Leiden Ranking also provides information about national and international collaboration between universities. 82.6% of the publications by Leiden University staff are the result of collaboration with one or more institutions; 55% of the publications involve international institutions. The cooperation with industry was also measured: 6.9% of the publications are the result of partnerships with industry. The international front runner in cooperation with industry is the Technical University Eindhoven.

Better comparison

The CWTS Leiden Ranking 2015 makes it possible to compare the scientific performance of universities based on different aspects. The ranking presents four indicators of scientific impact and four indicators of collaboration. This year for the first time it is possible to compare the indicators not only at institutional level but also at the level of five broad scientific fields. The CWTS Leiden Ranking is the only worldwide ranking of universities that shows clearly how the indicators are calculated, making it also the most transparent ranking. 

(21 May 2015)

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