The CLIMATE handbook has been published

CLIMATE (Contextual Learning in Management and Teaching) is a Comenius Multilateral project under the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission.

In the CLIMATE project a group of experts from various European countries co-operated to develop and validate tools that allow schools to identify to what extent school teams may be considered learning teams. So if you are a teacher trainer, a school manager, head of department or teacher / school advisor, CLIMATE can provide you with the concepts, instruments and strategies to make schools and work units within schools, better and more productive work & learning environments for teachers. This book includes many of the CLIMATE project outcomes: theory, research data, case studies, as well as tools to be used in schools.

Please click here for downloading the final report of CLIMATE

More information

For further information about the project, its outcomes, its instruments, and the services the CLIMATE project may offer (data analysis and feedback reports) you are invited to visit the CLIMATE website:

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Last Modified: 06-05-2014