Institutionen för svenska och samhällsvetenskapliga ämnen - Sweden

The Department of Swedish and Social Sciences is a part of the Teacher Education Faculty. 50% of the staff has doctor’s degree and three of them are associate professors. The research areas are school organisation, teacher’s ´work, enterprise learning, entrepreneurship, mentorship and value-foundation.

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Contact: Ulla Lindgren

Ulla Lindgren is Associate Professor in Education at Umea University, Sweden and in Pedagogic at Abo Academy, Finland. She is working as a researcher and a teacher educator in the Teacher Education Program at Umea University. She has written her dissertation about Mentoring. Her research, funded by the Swedish Research Council, concerns teacher education, beginner teachers and mentoring. Since 2006 Ulla is the co-ordinator of a Nordic Research Network, which consists of researchers from all the Nordic countries. She has also written books about reading comprehension, mentoring, evaluation and social competence. Since 1997 she has been a project leader of different annual mentoring projects between the university and the private and public sectors.

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