Zavod RS za Å¡olstvo - Slovenia

The National Education Institute’s (Zavod RS za šolstvo) work covers pre-school, primary and secondary education, combining teaching theory and practice in these areas into a functional unit thus contributing to a continued quality reform of the school system. In its work the institution is, on the one hand, tightly connected to the Education Ministry and, on the other hand, to the schools, teachers and headmasters. The National Educaton Institute co-operates with universities and other education bodies.

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Contact: Brigita Žarkovič Adlešič

Brigita Žarkovič Adlešič is a head of Department for Professional Development of the National Education Institute of Slovenia. She is responsible for promotion of professional development of teachers on national level. She initiates, develops, and delivers courses in In-service education. She is involved in research projects and in counselling activities. She has participated in numerous Slovenian and international projects and conferences, focusing on professional development, evaluation and mentoring. Her publications are dealing with classroom management, introducing change and mentoring.

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