Högskolan i Gävle - Sweden

The Högskolan i Gävle (University of Gävle) is a state university, situated in the north of Sweden. The University of Gävle works on research and development of education in very different programmes. The Department of Education and Psychology is one of six departments, where the expertise needed in the project is.

Research and development projects are organized in 3 faculties, of which on is Humanistics, Care and Social Science.  Projects in the area of this projects focus on teachers in-service education and on induction, mentoring, training the mentors, developing competences of teachers, staff development, school development, and education in general. Recent projects are concerned with induction phase and developing teacher’s lifelong learning processes by means of partnerships, mentors, teamwork within schools. Professional development of teachers have been subject of research in Induction projects and the profile is also network , local, national, Nordic and international network for researchers within the area of Induction.

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Contact: dr. Åsa Morberg

Dr. Åsa Morberg, University of Gavle, has broad experience in higher education and in teacher education. She is an experienced teacher in higher education and she is an experienced researcher.  Her thesis was about the history of teaching methods in teacher education. Her research is now on the Induction phase and on Newly Qualified Teacher’s professional development and on support programme especially on mentoring. She is the leader of a municipality network on Induction connected to the University of Gavle, she is a member in the network NQTNE, a northern European network and she is the chair of RDC in ATEE. She has published about 40 scientific publications mainly on the Induction phase and on teachers’ professional development.

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