Project users

The project is meant for teachers, facilitators of professional learning, and school managers.

  • As the central aim of this project is to turn teachers’ work environments into better learning environments, teachers (and student teachers) have direct benefits from the project. During the life time of the project, teacher teams in 16 schools are involved as associated partners.
  • In the first place, however, the project addresses those who are involved as facilitators of professional learning: teacher educators, in service trainers and advisors. Their role is to introduce the key concepts in schools, to help schools analyze their work – learning environment, to provide them with feedback, and to support them in their attempts to develop better conditions for professional learning.
  • School managers have a crucial role in creating a school culture and structures that support professional learning in their teams. The guidelines on how to promote better conditions for teachers’ professional learning are meant to support managers – be it school leaders or heads of department – in doing so.

Last Modified: 08-05-2009