Learning in organizations

Employees should be stimulated to contribute to organizational development by improving their own work, exchanging knowledge and experiences and innovating in the work process. PLATO supports organizations and companies through research, training and advice.

Learning does not exclusively take place in schools or training courses. A large part of professional learning happens in the work place. Organizations and companies should facilitate and stimulate this workplace learning to keep up in the changing economy. More and more companies acknowledge the importance of the integration of working and learning. PLATO can help to make this happen.

Activities by PLATO

  • map of the learning environment in an organization
  • facilitate workplace learning
  • promote ‘knowledge productivity’ in organizations
  • stimulate lifelong learning among professionals

Knowledge productivity

A central theme in the work of PLATO is ‘knowledge productivity’: the creation, dissemination, sharing, and development of knowledge.  Jaap van Lakerveld obtained his doctorate on assessing and evaluating knowledge productivity in various organizations.

More information

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Last Modified: 17-07-2012