Update and results project InHerit

PLATO takes part in a European project (InHerit) on heritage interpretation (HI). The InHerit team wants to create and provide in-service training material and deliver in-service training courses on heritage interpretation.

Completion of the GINCO network and the start of 'GINCO Tools and Training'

After three successful and productive years, the GINCO network has come to an end. PLATO participated actively in the network and co-worked in delivering several congresses, trainings and workshops about the art of running Grundtvig courses. Nevertheless, the GINCO network will continue, albeit on a smaller scale and in a different form.

Young Entrepreneurship – Developing in Action (YEDAC)

How do you teach children and young people to be entrepreneurial? That is what the new international project ‘YEDAC’, in which PLATO is involved, willl discover. The project is a collaboration between participants from Finland, Bulgaria, Spain, Austria, Denmark and the Netherlands. The project, which was initiated in December 2012, will last for three years.

Ginco Webinar: Everything you ever wanted to know about competence development & validation in Grundtvig courses (and never dared to ask)

Attend an interesting seminar from your office or from home!   19 September 2012 at 14.00 p.m. GMT+1 ( Brussels time) Are you an adult education organization or an organization offering training for adult education professionals? Have you ever thought of setting up an international course for adult educators? Do you know the opportunities of the Grundtvig programme and the Grundtvig IST (In-service training) action in this respect? Maybe you are already organizing Gundtvig courses but you have some questions?

GINCO news

Recently GINCO has published and spread its first newsletter. Also the second conference in Thessaloniki (Greece) is announced.

Recent international activities

During the last month PLATO played an active role at a congress on trends in in-service education in Serbia and at a conference of the school inspectorates and (in service) teacher educators in Poland.

Quality framework for medical teachers

A national task force has developed a framework that covers competencies of teachers in medical education. PLATO-researcher Jacqueline Bustraan was part of this task force. The guidelines have recently been published in the journal Medical Teacher.

Honourable mention for SEALLL project

The PLATO project Self-Evaluation in Adult Lifelong Learning (SEALLL) has received an honourable mention at the International Prize from the Stichting voor Hogeschoolwerk (Foundation for Higher Educaion).