Completion of the GINCO network and the start of 'GINCO Tools and Training'

The end of the funding period

After three years the formal ending of the GINCO network is a fact. By organising international conferences, several webinars and national training days, and constructing many materials and products on different themes, one may conclude that the network has been very productive. In short, the goal was to help course organisers and stakeholders of Grundtvig courses to improve the quality of Grundtvig European training provision and share expertise with other (potential) course organisers.

Grundtvig International Network of Course Organisers

GINCO is an international consortium that consists of 21 organizations from 14 different countries, who aim to create an European network of adult education organisations running Grundtvig courses or willing to do so in the future. The general objective of the network is “to share expertise, to create and share useful material and to enhance communication and cooperation in order to improve the quality of Grundtvig courses, to enlarge the scope of provision and to improve the visibility and success of the action and the courses”. The direct network target groups are: adult education staff from Grundtvig course providers, potential Grundtvig course providers, adult education providers in general, LLP National Agencies and educational policy makers at European, national and regional levels.

The need for a network

Professional development of staff in adult education is considered to be an important factor in the quality of adult education. The European Grundtvig programme supports international mobility activities for in-service training for adult educators and the development of international training courses. The geographical and cultural span, the variety in the sector and the size of the Grundtvig programme make it difficult to administer and match offer and demand. The courses could be improved in terms of their quality, the link with Lifelong Learning and national policies, the appropriate use of ICT and recognition and validation of learning outcomes. Throughout the last three years the network members contributed  by improving the quality of Grundtvig courses and training adult educators.

Examples of activities and products of the network

GINCO wanted to network actual and potential Grundtvig course organisers, by offering a forum for cooperation and exchange of expertise and offering support for development, delivery, accreditation and sustainability of their courses.

PLATO worked together with the partners in organising and delivering three conferences. The first international conference on quality of and ICT use in Grundtvig courses was organised in  Izmir (Turkey) in October 2010. A second conference on validation of learning outcomes’ was organised in Thessaloniki, Greece, 07 – 11 December 2011. The third conference on Grundtvig course provision was recently held in Hasselt (Belgium) in September 2012. Through key note speakers, workshops and examples of good practice participants shared and learned about the conferences’ topics.

Furthermore, PLATO actively participated in delivering the so-called webinars. For example during the last online session in September 2012, Jaap Van Lakerveld (PLATO) and Guy Tilkin (Alden Biesen, GINCO coordinator) explained about “Key competences for adult education staff” and “Validation of learning outcomes in Grundtvig courses”. The webinar consisted of a web based presentation.

The GINCO network also delivered 9 training days in different cities in Europe.

GINCO materials

Besides organising conferences, webinars, and training days the GINCO network produced a lot of written materials on different themes, such as quality, ICT and validation of Grundtvig courses. More information on the GINCO products and other relevant information can be found on the website of GINCO.

GINCO Tools and Training

Although the network has come to an end, GINCO will continue on a smaller scale and in a different form. The name of the project is GINCO Tools and Training (GINCO T&T. Once the future of the Grundtvig action after the year 2013 will become more explicit, the network will again take initiatives to seek support for a continuation of the network as it operated in the previous years.

For those who are interested in the work of GINCO T&T, the following newsletters can be downloaded:

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Last Modified: 25-10-2013