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The GINCO network has published its first GINCO newsletter. The leaflet contains information about the network itself, the ideal ground for developing Grundtvig courses and the quality of Grundtvig courses. Also a summary and highlights of the first GINCO conference (Izmir, 27 – 30 October 2010) is described, in which among other things a ‘quality grid’ is shown (developed by Jaap van Lakerveld, PLATO) and a small interview with Jan Gejel (Aarhus Social and Health College, Den Mark) on ICT didactics in EU Grundtvig courses.

Have a look at the newsletter.

Second conference in Thessaloniki, Greece 7 - 11 December 2011

The GINCO newsletter also contains an announcement on the second GINCO conference, ‘Validation of Professional Development in Grundtvig Courses’, Thessaloniki, Greece 7 – 10 December 2011. The event is the second international conference organized by GINCO members focusing on the validation and recognition of the learning outcomes of the adult educators attending Grundtvig in-service training courses. The conference targets actual Grundtvig IST course organizers, all adult education organizations willing or planning  to organize such courses and all stakeholders in the field: LLP National Agencies, adult education policy makers, programme developers etc.

All themes will be explored in keynotes and workshops, relevant material will be presented, expertise will be exchanged, good practice will be highlighted.


For more information on the conference please visit the website of the GINCO consortium.




Last Modified: 19-05-2011