Update and results project InHerit

PLATO takes part in a European project (InHerit) on heritage interpretation (HI). It is a project of partners from Belgium, Germany, Italy , England, the Netherlands, Poland and Sweden. The partnership includes both heritage interpretation experts and educationalists.
The InHerit team wants to create and provide in-service training material and deliver in-service training courses on heritage interpretation to build heritage staff capacity for delivering effective competence-oriented informal learning in inspiring heritage contexts. InHerit will embed heritage interpretation in European adult education and place based learning. The project will also develop a strategy to establish heritage interpretation as a recognized profession in the museum, monuments and sites sector.

Some of the milestones of the project are:

-A competence profile for heritage interpretation (HI) staff
-Good practices in HI training
-Outlines for a curricula on HI
-An in-service training course to be delivered in September 2015

All material will be available on the project website. Follow the development of InHerit on: http://www.interpretingheritage.eu/en

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Last Modified: 07-04-2015