Recent international activities

Congress on trends in in-service education in Serbia

In the month of April, together with a group of members of the Association of Teacher Education in Europe (ATEE), Jaap van Lakerveld visited the town of Niš in Serbia. There he gave two keynote lectures on trends in in-service education throughout Europe. The visit was planned upon invitation of one of the centres for in-service education in Serbia. The ATEE group mentioned has a long tradition of international research in in-service education and is very active in spreading its research findings in various countries of the EU.

A conference of the school inspectorates and (in service) teacher educators in Poland

In Krakow, Poland a conference took place from April 16-19th. It was a conference of the Polish school inspectorates, and (in service) teacher educators. Jaap van Lakerveld presented a lecture on quality standards of schools as organization that provide a rich learning environment tot their teachers. Learning teachers tend to be inspiring models for students to stimulate them to engage in learning too.

Last Modified: 04-05-2011