Online tool for self evaluation of key competences in adult age (VINTAGE)

Start of a new international project

Recently PLATO has joined a new international project, which is called VINTAGE (online tool for self evaluation of key competences in adult age). The project has started in February and will last for two years. Last week the first meeting took place in Nyköping, Sweden. Seven international partners are involved.
The VINTAGE project aims to develop and test an online tool for the self-assessment of the key competences, to be used by adult learners involved in NVAE learning pathways. The tool will be implemented taking in account the European standards for the evaluation of the competences and the previously realized experiences, approaches and practices.

Key competences

According to the European Union, each citizen will need a wide range of key competences to adapt flexibly to a rapidly changing world. The following key competences are identified necessary for personal fulfilment, active citizenship, social cohesion and employability in a knowledge society:

1 Communication in the mother tongue
2 Communication in foreign languages
3 Mathematical competence and basic competences in science and technology
4 Digital competence
5 Learning to learn
6 Social and civic competences
7 Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship
8 Cultural awareness and expression.

The key competences are all considered equally important, because each of them can contribute to a successful life in a knowledge society. Many of the competences overlap and interlock. Aspects essential to one domain will support competence in another.


The objectives of the project are the following:

-To describe an European background through a research about the key competences and how the competences can be assessed.

-To realize a framework of the key competences, with a set of indicators and descriptors for the assessment of each key competence.

-To realize the online tool for the self-assessment of the key competences

-To test the framework and the tool, in order to set and improve the two products.

-To produce evaluation reports for the pilot runs, in order to validate the framework and online tool for the assessment of the key competences.

-To disseminate and valorise the project and its products and outcomes, by organizing transnational conferences and a final project conference.

-To ensure the exploitation of the results of the project, involving adult learners and stakeholders in the testing and fostering the use of the online tool by the partners, their networks and all the key actors involved in the project.

Last Modified: 06-03-2013