The Vintage-workshop ‘Competences for lifelong learning’ was a success

On the 10th of April 2014 the workshop ‘Competences for lifelong learning’ took place within the framework of the EU project ‘Vintage’.
The EU project aims to develop and test an online tool for the self-evaluation of Key Competences to be used by adult people. Together with six international partners PLATO started this project last year. Vintage is targeted to adult learners and to the practitioners working in the field of adult education.

Several Dutch professionals in the field of adult education as well as the international project partners attended the workshop. There was a good discussion about the online tool and its further implementation. The participants discussed that the tool can be used in different phases of life, for example when someone is preparing for the practice of his profession, when someone is looking for a job, or when someone is trying to find gaps in his competences. The tool can be useful in different periods of transition: from education to work; from unemployment to employment; from one job to the other, from work to other routes in adult education…

By answering questions in the tool about the presented cases one first gets a picture of his competence profile. But at the same time you also develop yourself: the tool makes you aware of the existence of these competences, guides your mental process about these kind of situations and provides the user with a language to talk about competences. Dependent on what the feedback will be (this a challenge the project partners are working on now), the user not only gets a picture of the level of his competences, but also directions are indicated on how he can go further.

We thank our guests and the project partners for their active contribution during this workshop!

Last Modified: 02-05-2014