Invitation: The European Entrepreneurship Education Conference

The YEDAC project

In the international project YEDAC (Young Entrepreneurship Developing in Action), teachers become qualified to teach children and young people to be entrepreneurial and to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. YEDAC, funded by the EU, will ensure that 1.000-2.000 teachers and approximately 24.000 students throughout Europe work with entrepreneurship in school. YEDAC takes the initiative at developing a common European framework for teaching entrepreneurship in the secondary school system. The project develops a set of hands-on teaching tools, which the teachers can use in the classroom. The ambition is to inspire an entrepreneurial mindset, where pupils and students think innovative and take initiatives. But the changes will not happen without a common framework build on best practices, focus on student key competences and a more efficient didactic model. And to achieve all this, a substantial European dialogue about Entrepreneurship Education is needed.

The European Entrepreneurship Education conference

Therefore the first European conference on entrepreneurship education will take place on the 29th of April in Odense, Denmark. If you are interested in Entrepreneurship Education and want to make better entrepreneurship education in the school system you are invited to join the conference. This European conference reaches out to a broad number of stakeholders from the political level, national experts, people with scientific background, business organizations, teacher’s interest organizations, and of course entrepreneurs, teachers, academics, politicians and students.
This conference is a first step and will be continued with a second and concluding conference in 2015.

More information and registering

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For more information you can visit the website of YEDAC.

Last Modified: 20-03-2013