Evaluation projects

Evaluation projects

Self evaluation in adult lifelong learning (SEALLL)

The SEALLL project will focus on self-evaluation in life long learning as an attempt to enrich the views professionals have of themselves and the organizations they work for. Self-evaluation provides this learning background that is basically empowering and emancipatory. To safeguard this it is commendable that the one that initiates the self-evaluation is in control of content, process, the results and the forthcoming decisions.

In co-operation with 7 international partners, PLATO worked on the development of several self evaluation instruments. We also organized an international training session in Turkey. Afterwards the participants of this training session started self evaluation projects in their own organizations.

More information can be found on the SEALLL website

If you have any questions about this project, please contact Selma van der Haar.


Self-evaluation is an essential first step to quality improvement in education. Introducing a culture of self-evaluation at school is not easy. I-Probenet is a European thematic network that aims to share experience about self-evaluation of projects and project based learning at school. It uses this experience and culture as a vehicle and a strategy to establish a culture of self-evaluation in other domains at school. The activities of the network are relevant for heads of schools, senior management staff, project coordinators, teachers, inspectors, teacher trainer, advisors, researchers, curriculum developers and education department officials. PLATO developed a handbook for 'best practices' and national workshops.

For more information contact Jaap van Lakerveld.

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