Projects on lifelong learning

A selection of PLATO projects in the area of lifelong learning

Adult learning professionals in Europe (ALPINE)

What kind of professionals are working in de field of adult education in Europe? What is their background? How are they trained on the job? What qualifications and expertise are they required to have?

For the European Commission PLATO carried out a research to find an answer to these questions. In co-operation with a European network of adult education experts, PLATO looked at the situation of adult education in 32 European countries. The project was co-ordinated by Research voor Beleid.

For further information on this project, please contact Frowine den Oudendammer.

Local Learning Centres

One of the aims of the EU, as stated in the Lisbon agreement of 2000, was to bring learning closer to home. Therefore the EU supports local and regional activities on learning and training, Local Learning Centres (LLC). LLCs cover all kinds of education, from basic skills to vocational skills, and from professional to personal development.

In co-operation with Research voor Beleid and a European network of experts, PLATO conducted a study on these local learning centres throughout Europe. The study covered several aspects: What kinds of centres exist? How are they funded? How is the staff selected?

For more information, please contact Frowine den Oudendammer.

Last Modified: 18-07-2012