Projects educational development

We are working on the develoment of education from elementary school to adult education, and from university to training of professionals. On this page you will find some examples of PLATO projects in the field of educational development.

Monitoring pupils' educational achievements

For the city of Leiden PLATO has developed a system to monitor the educational achievements of all children in pre-school programs and elementary school (2-12 years). The Monitor data serves as a basis for policy making, regulations and strategic planning for education in Leiden.

For more information contact Ingrid Gussen.

Curriculum development for the Hague University

For the Academy of Social Professions of the Hague University PLATO developed a minor study. The central theme of the minor was the role of arts and culture in societal development and social integration. In co-operation with teachers of the Hague University PLATO wrote a handbook for students and teachers, developed tests for students and a framework for evaluation.

For more information please contact Frowine den Oudendammer.

Last Modified: 18-07-2012