Projects Youth, Prevention and Safety

A selection of recent PLATO projects in the field of youth and safety.

Juvenile offenders

For the Ministry of Justice PLATO evaluated a special treatment program for juvenile offenders who commited small criminal acts on a regular basis. PLATO studied the occupancy rate, the quality and the expected effects of the pedagogical intervention for these youths in four detention centres. Also the follow-up care for the youths after their stay at the detention centre was part of the study.

For more information contact Ingeborg Tönis.

A Safe School

PLATO supports a Dutch Municipality with the development of 'the safe school'. Children and adolescence need a safe environment to be able to develop themselves and to learn. Safety is not only dependant on the environment, but also on people's own actions. Students, teachers and other concerned parties can learn to create a safe environment and deal with unsafe situations. This is the focus of this project: create a safe learning environment and create a learning environment for safety.

For more information contact Ingeborg Tönis

Last Modified: 18-07-2012