Publications Lifelong learning

Title: Lifelong Learning on Either Side of the Border: the effects of government policy on adult education in The Netherlands and Belgium
Author(s): H. Smit, F.M. den Oudedammer, E. Kats & J.A. van Lakerveld
Year: 2009
In: European Journal of Education, 44(2): 257-270.

Title: Adult Learning Professions in Europe (ALPINE) - A study of the current situation, trends and issues
Author(s): B. Buiskool, F.M. den Oudendammer, J.A. van Lakerveld, H. Smit, S. Broek, E. Kats & A. Nijssen
Year: 2008
Published by: Research voor Beleid, Leiden

Title: Developing local learning centres and learning partnerships as part of Member States targets for reaching the Lisbon goals in the field of education and training: a study of the current situation 
Author(s): B.J. Buiskool, D. Grijpstra, C.A. van Kan, J.A. van Lakerveld & F. den Oudendammer
Year: 2006
Published by: Research voor Beleid, Leiden

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