Diminishing tolerance in the Netherland threat to liberal society

The Upper and Lower Houses of the Dutch Parliament are struggling with how tolerance should best be interpreted. As a result, the freedom in the Netherlands for people who hold alternative views is diminishing. This is Floris Mansvelt Beck’s conclusion on the basis of his PhD research. Defence on 2 December.

2 december, 2015: PhD defence Cris Boonen

How are borders drawn? More specifically, how do diplomatic actors manage the implications of changes in state sovereignty for international borders? Leiden political scientist Cris Boonen addresses these questions in her dissertation' Borders in Dispute: The Construction of State and Nation in International Diplomacy', to be defended on Wednesday 2 December 2015.

1 December, 2015: Public panel discussion 'Understanding the Refugee Crisis in Europe'

Why are so many refugees knocking at the doors of Europe? What to make of Europe's—or rather: the various European countries'—response to this challenge? These urgent questions will be addressed in the public panel discussion 'After Alan Kurdi: Understanding the Refugee Crisis in Europe'. Leiden University's Institute of Political Science has invited four speakers to explore the current crisis. You are welcome to join them on Tuesday 1 December 2015, from 15:15 to 17:00.