New regulations for exam registration

In brief, the regulations entail that students must register for each exam using uSis. Registration is only possible during the registration period, and it is not possible to register late.  

Colloquia 2014 Centre for Political Philosophy

The new colloquia of the Centre for Political Philosophy (CPP) will start in February. The CPP aims to be an interdisciplinary platform for political thought, bringing together all those with active interests in the field at Leiden University. The CPP is an initiative of the Institute for Philosophy and the Institute for Political Science at Leiden University.

Jean Monnet Chair Ad Personam for Madeleine Hosli

Prof. Madeleine Hosli has been awarded a Jean Monnet Chair Ad Personam for her research project Explaining and Understanding Processes of European Integration (EUPEI). The winning project is part of the European Union’s Lifelong Learning Program.

Video Lecture on European Disintegration by Dr. Hans Vollaard

In a video lecture on European disintegration, political scientist Hans Vollaard discusses the question of how the European Union might fall apart. The video lecture is part of the Virtual Exchange Program Perspectives on the Euro(pean) crisis for master's students from eight European universities in inter alia Leiden, Osnabrück, Padova, Tartu and Thessaloniki.

Watch Rudy Andeweg Online: Lipsius to Lijphart and Beyond

Tuesday 24 September last the Anniversary Food for Thought Meeting took place with Prof. Rudy Andeweg as guest speaker. He discussed how history affected the research programme of the (current) Institute of Political Science at Leiden University. The recording of his presentation is now available online.

24 September, 2013: Food for Thought meeting with Rudy Andeweg

The Graduate School invites you to attend the Anniversary Food for Thought Meetings: 'Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences: Highlights and Development 1963-2013'. Presenter prof. Rudy Andeweg will discuss how history affected the research programme of Leiden political science?

Femke Avtalyon-Bakker wins Daniël Heinsius Thesis Prize 2013

Femke Avtalyon-Bakker MPhil was awarded the Daniël Heinsius Thesis Award 2013 for her MPhil thesis "Democracies, autocracies, liberal norms and the use of force. An experimental approach to the democratic peace thesis." The Institute of Political Science congratulates her with this excellent performance!

Minister Bussemaker opens international conference

The Minister of Education, Culture and Science, Dr. Jet Bussemaker, has given te opening address to the conference 'Political Legitimacy and the Paradox of Regulation' in Leiden. Her speech discussed practical experiences with the paradox of regulations: rules are necessary for a legitimate government, but quite often also impede its authority. The full text of the Minister's speech and the subsequent introduction of the conference theme by Prof. Ruud Koole can be found below.