Femke Avtalyon-Bakker wins Daniël Heinsius Thesis Prize 2013

Femke Avtalyon-Bakker MPhil was awarded the Daniël Heinsius Thesis Award 2013 for her MPhil thesis "Democracies, autocracies, liberal norms and the use of force. An experimental approach to the democratic peace thesis." The Institute of Political Science congratulates her with this excellent performance!

Femke has received a cum laude MPhil degree for the Research Master in Political Science & Public Administration. Last year she was working on her PhD proposal, while teaching working groups of several undergraduate courses in political science and working as internship superviser for the MSc International Relations and Diplomacy. Femke wil start her PhD research at the Institute of Political Science in September 2013.

Daniël Heinsius thesis award

Until 1998 the editorial board of Acta Politica has annually awarded the Daniël Heinsius thesis award during the Dutch-Flemish Political Science Conference (Politicologenetmaal) to a student who has answered a research question (relevant to the field of political science) in the master's thesis in the most appealing way with the help of social scientific theories and/or methodology. The award was taken over by the board of the Dutch Political Science Association (NKWP) in 2000. Lecturers and students can submit a thesis, if the thesis was graded with an 8 or higher.

Daniël Heinsius

The award is named after Daniël Heinsius, who is considered the first professor in Europe teaching political science. In 1612 he was appointed professor 'Politices' at Leiden University. He was loved for his excellent lectures, which got him known as lumen academiae. Via the Daniël Heinsius thesis award the NKWP encourages students to seek acknowledgement for excellent work.

Last Modified: 07-06-2013