Wanted: student members for educational committees

Do you want to be involved in improving your study programme? Stand for the upcoming educational committees student member elections! Nominations are welcome until 11 September 2015.

What is membership of an educational committee about?

As a member of an educational committee, your main concern is the quality of education; together with your fellow committee members your evaluate the courses and formulate suggestions as to whether and how things could be improved. 

As a student member, you also represent your fellow students and are a link between them and the university. Your committee will meet a couple of times every semester.

Committee membership will account for approximately 2 hours of work a week, for which you will receive a compensation at the end of the year.

Who should apply?

We are looking for students from all of the Institute's programmes, both bachelors and masters. There are separate committees for the bachelor, master and research master. Three student-members take seat in each committee. If there are more candidates than seats available, elections will be held.

Why should you apply?

As a member of an educational committee, you make sure the board of studies remains self-critical and that the quality of your education is warranted or improves. Membership will also help you acquire useful skills, which you will able to use during as well as after your studies. 

So: do you feel responsible for the quality of your education? Do you have ideas about how it can be improved? Or do you want to work on yourself while helping your fellow students at the same time? Candidate yourself! 

You can apply before 11 September 2015 by sending an e-mail with your photo and a short motivation (max. 200 words) to Charlotte Romeijn, student member of the educational board of the Institute of Political Science. I you have any further questions please feel free to use the same e-mail address.


Last Modified: 02-09-2015