Study Advisers

The Institute of Political Science has three study advisers. Two advisers serve in our BSc programmes; one adviser is a point of contact for our MSc students.

BSc students

Ms. Daniëlle Lovink and Ms. Daniëlle Ladan assist the students enrolled in our BSc programmes.

Further details can be found on this page (in Dutch): Studieadviseurs, buitenlandcoördinator.

MSc students

Alma Caubo is study adviser for students enrolled in our MSc programmes. She is out of the office until January 2016. During her absence Ms. Anika Duut van Goor MSc will be replacing her. 

Students are welcome to come by the study adviser's office, or to make an appointment by telephone or e-mail.

The study adviser monitors and stimulates the study progress of students and contributes to the efficiency of the education.
The main tasks of the study adviser are:

  • Stimulate, support and give advise to students;
  • Support students in regards to: individual arrangements, finances, personal circumstances that can influence the study progress, exam committee, appeal;
  • Contribute to the development, execution and evaluation of the educational policy;
  • Provide information on the programmes.

Last Modified: 16-07-2015