MSc Political Science

The Leiden Master of Science programme in Political Science aims to provide its students with a deep and comprehensive understanding of political issues, focusing on the theme of conflict and cooperation. Due to its wide scope of academic expertise, the Institute of Political Science is capable of offering students an in-depth training in the most important (empirical and normative) subdisciplines of political science. The result of the programme will be that they are capable of producing instead of consuming knowledge. Thus, students will be well prepared for a variety of careers in politics and public service, the media, non-profit organisations, consultancy, and (inter)national business, as well as further academic work in Political Science (e.g. a PhD programme).


The curriculum starts with a course devoted to the reading of classical great works in Poltical Science on the central theme in politics, i.e. conflict and cooperation. The three legs of the programme are breadth, depth and choice. The programme seeks to provide these goals by offering three types of courses:

  • the core modules:
    - ‘Conflict and Cooperation: Classics’, giving a broad theoretical overview of Political Science approached through the central theme of conflict and co-operation;
    - ‘Advanced Academic and Professional Skills’, focusing on attaining the necessary skills for putting the theory into practice in your future career;
  • elective seminars giving students the opportunity to specialise;
  • a Thesis Seminar (theme to be chosen) where students complete their master’s theses.
Instead of the thesis seminar and one of the elective seminars, the structure of the programme allows students to do an internship in the period early January to the end of March and then take part in the Internship Research Project Seminar.

Most classes are taught in a seminar format, in which participants are required to prepare for and attend all class meetings. Because the master’s programme involves classroom work as well as individual research, there is close consultation between students and staff.


At the end of the programme, students obtain a Master of Science degree in Political Science.

More information

More information about the content of the programme and the entry requirements can be found on the site Masters in Leiden. You can also visit us on Facebook and ask us questions there.

Last Modified: 07-12-2012