MSc in International Relations & Diplomacy

The MSc in International Relations & Diplomacy is a 2-year programme. The programme is offered jointly by the Institute of Political Science of Leiden University, the Centre for Professional Learning at the Faculty Campus The Hague and the Netherlands Institute of International Relations ‘Clingendael’ in The Hague. Teaching in this programme is highly interactive and is a unique blend of academic education with practical training in international negotiation and diplomacy. At the end of this programme students possess a high level of academic training and specific expertise in international relations, including international organisation, conflict resolution and diplomacy.

More information about the content of the programme and the entry requirements can be found on the site Masters in Leiden.

Note: Dutch students are not eligible for studiefinanciering, you can however receive studiefinanciering in the form of a loan if you still have loan-rights from a previous initial course. To find out if you still have loan-rights please contact the Dienst Uitvoerende Onderwijszaken of the Ministerie van OCW (DUO, previously IBG).

Last Modified: 01-07-2014