Scientific Journals

Members of our Faculty serve on editorial boards of several scientific journals. Some of our Faculty also act as chief (co-)editors of such journals. These journals are listed below. 

  • Acta Politica, co-edited by Ingrid van Biezen, is the official journal of the Dutch Political Science Association. The refereed journal publishes in all sub-areas of the discipline, including Dutch and comparative politics, international relations, political theory, public administration, and political communication.

  • East European Politics, co-edited by Petr Kopecký, is a refereed journal which publishes articles in the government, politics and international relations of the post-communist space, including East Central and South Eastern Europe, Russia and all the other countries of the former Soviet Union.

    For books available for review in East European Politics, please see this list.

  • Regional & Federal Studies, co-edited by Jan Erk, is a refereed social science journal which provides an academic forum for the publication of leading international research on these issues. The journal carefully reviews, selects and publishes high-quality articles dealing with various aspects of regionalism and federalism crossing substantive, thematic, geographical, theoretical, and methodological boundaries.

  • Res Publica (chief editor: Joop van Holsteyn) is the political science journal of the Low Countries. This refereed Dutch language journal publishes articles in the (sub-) disciplines of political science, public administration, European and international politics, political sociology, communication science, and on other themes and topics that are relevant to political science in general.

Last Modified: 22-07-2014