Student Service Centre

Students can contact the Student Services Centre (SSC) with their questions.

Students can direct their questions to the Student Services Centre (SSC) on the 1st floor.

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Opening Hours

  • Mondays through Thursdays: 10:00-14:00 hrs.
  • Fridays: 10:00-12:00 hrs.


  • Telephone (+31)71 527 7779 (Monday till Friday between 10:00 - 12:00 hrs)
Please mention your full name, field of study and student number when you contact the Student Services Center.

Study Related Questions

You can come to the SSC with general questions about the bachelor's and master's programmes that the Institute of Political Science offers. The SSC also handles requests for the following documents:

  • Certified transcripts
    Please send the SSC an e-mail that contains:
    - your name, study programme and student number
    - a request for a Dutch or an English transcript
    - how many copies you need
    You can pick up your transcript the day after you have sent in your request, provided that you have sent in your request on a work day and before noon.
  • Diploma
    You can pick up your diploma in person during opening hours after you have received the confirmation that it is ready to be picked up. Please bring a valid identification card with you. If someone else is going to pick up the diploma for you, they need to bring an authorization of the graduate.
  • Certified copies of the master's degree
    As soon as you have received your diploma, you can ask the SSC to make a certified copy of your diploma. You can do this by stopping by the SSC during opening hours. Please take with you the following documents:
    - a valid identification card or an authorization of the graduate
    - a copy of the English or Dutch diploma (not the Latin diploma !)
    - the diplomasupplement

Statement of registration

In order to receive a statement of registration you can contact Plexus. Please send an e-mail that contains: 

  • your name, study programme and student number
  • a request for a certified statement of registration at Leiden University

Institute Secretariat of Political Science

The SSC will be able to assist and advice on most matters. However, if you require information about master seminar registration or a graduation statement you can contact the Institute Secretariat. Please mention your full name, study programme and student number in the e-mail. It is only possible to make a request for a graduation statement once all of your grades have been entered into uSis!

Tessa Thomas works at the institute secretariat and is responsible for the administrative matters regarding admission and graduation of master students. She is in the office on Tuesday morning and on Wednesday and Thursday.

Last Modified: 13-11-2015