Registration for courses and exams

The Institute of Political Science offers courses in different subjects for non-degree students. Admission to courses is open to:

  1. Socrates Exchange Students of the Institute of Politicial Science;
  2. Students who come on a university-wide reciprocal exchange agreement and have a background in Political Science;
  3. Fee-paying students who register through the Study Abroad Officer and who have a background in Political Science.

Non-degree students are only allowed to take courses from a selection of courses taught at the Institute of Political Science (The courses can be found in the e-Prospectus). Students also need to comply with the prerequisites for their selected course. After registration through the International Office, students need to register for courses via the Student Services Centre (SSC) from Monday to Thursday between 10:00-14:00 hours and Friday between 10:00-12:00 hours or by e-mail. The SSC is located on the ground floor (+31 71 527 7779).

If you are not registered in time for a course you will not be allowed to participate.

Last Modified: 29-06-2016