2 Veni grants awarded to Leiden Psychology researchers

Two Leiden researchers of the Institute of Psychology have been given the opportunity to realise their research plans for the coming three years thanks to a Veni grant from the Netherlands organisation for scientific research. Hanneke Hendriks is researcher in the field of Social and organisational psychology and Antoinette van Laarhoven in Health and medical psychology.

'The detective work in my job is fascinating'

Inge Schilperoord, psychology alumna, works as a forensic psychologist in the Pieter Baan Centre, a psychiatric observation clinic. Her recently published debut novel Muidhond about a man struggling with his paedophilic tendencies, has received very positive acclaim.

Pics of the Psychology Science Day 2015

The Psychology Science Day is not only to listen to our students, but also to discuss the research they have set out to conduct. Watch the pics of staff and students with a passion for science on our Leiden Psychology Facebook.