Entry requirements MSc in Psychology (research)

Admission requirements and application for the research master's programme.

Admission requirements for the Masters in Psychology (research):

  • A BA or BSc in Psychology with basic knowledge of all sub-disciplines of Psychology, introductory and more advanced courses in Methods and Statistics, and knowledge at the level of a third year or 400 level course on the track of choice.
  • A high average grade for coursework and a superior grade for the bachelor thesis.

- To start in September the application must be returned before June 15th.
- To start in February the application must be returned before December 1st.


Information concerning applications is available on Master's Programmes Psychology (research).

You will find a checklist for all the required documents that need to be enclosed with your application. Please note that the letter of motivation and the two letters of recommendation (of which at least one should be academic) need to be in English.

The International Office advises students to indicate an alternative Master's program when they apply for the Research Master's programme in Psychology. This is to minimize a delay in registering for a master's programme at Leiden University in case one is not selected for the Research Master's programme.

Credit system

Module loads are specified in terms of EC (European Credit) credits. One credit is equivalent to 28 hours of study, e.g. attending lectures, writing papers, practical work and preparations for tests and exams. One-year master's programmes consist of 60 EC; the two-year programme of 120 EC credits.

Part of the curriculum outside the Netherlands?

Students who want to spent part of the curriculum at a university in another country can do this during the third semester. They can go abroad to do their internship and/or do research for their thesis. Students could also participate in a module at the visiting university. However, this stay abroad has to be relevant to the context of the Leiden Research Master's program. Therefore, students have to send a letter of motivation to the track-coordinator, who will decide whether the visit to the other university fits within the requirements. To finance a stay abroad is the student’s responsibility. For students who are doing a 2-year Masters or Research Masters, Leiden University has a funding programme.
Studeren in het buitenland (Dutch)


For more information on the Master's Programmes, courses, structure, admissions requirements, application and tuition fee, please contact the coordinator Dr. S. Nieuwenhuis.
E-mail: snieuwenhuis@fsw.leidenuniv.nl
Web: Dr. S. Nieuwenhuis

Last Modified: 06-03-2017