Electives in profile Brain and Cognition (research)

Students in the 2-year MSc Psychology (research) programme may further expand their expertise in the domain of brain and cognition by choosing from a wide range of relevant courses offered in other master’s programmes at Leiden University, outside the Institute of Psychology.

For the courses listed below, research-master students are exempt from the normal requirement to ask approval from the Board of Examiners of the Institute of Psychology to take elective courses from other master’s programmes.

Discuss with mentor
Students in the track Cognitive Neuroscience have unconditional access to the elective courses listed below. Students in the other three tracks who wish to take one or more of these elective courses need to discuss their proposed programme with their mentor. The mentor may then contact the coordinator of the elective course to ask whether the proposed programme offers the student sufficient foreknowledge to take the course.

More electives? Shorten internship
Students who wish to even further expand their expertise in the domain of brain and cognition should discuss with their mentor whether or not to use an additional 10 EC of the credits for the internship (20 EC) to take elective courses from this list.

Overview of electives

Master's programme Education and Child Studies

Master's programme Linguistics

Master's programme Biomedical Sciences

Email a request for elective courses offered by Biomedical Sciences (see below):

Master's programme Computer Science

Master’s programme Philosophy of Psychology

Research master students who have relevant background knowledge in philosophy may contact the course coordinator to request admission to this course. Admission requests will be considered on an individual basis.

Note: the research master course schedule has not been adjusted to the timetables of these elective courses. Students are responsible for verifying whether a course fits into their schedule of compulsory coursework. Enrollment in these elective courses is not possible in uSis; students should enroll according to the customs and rules of the Institute that offers the course.

Email a request for elective courses offered by Biomedical Sciences

Students who would like to take part in one of the elective courses offered by Biomedical Sciences should email a request to enrol to Peter van den Broek. They need to confirm that they meet the admission requirements for this course, which are indicated (if there are any) in the e-Prospectus. There is a strict limit to the number of students who may enrol in these courses. If the student is admitted to the course, he will be placed on a waitlist. If there are sufficient spaces, coordinator Marlies Vlieland will enrol the student on uSis and email the student further information about the course.

Last Modified: 06-03-2017